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Sehteq provides management of prescription drug programs for health insurance plans, employers, and government programs.

The portal allows stakeholders (prescribing physicians, insurers, pharmacies, and patients) to connect to the portal.

The Sehteq portal enhances the electronic communication between pharmacies and insurance companies.

Sehteq offers an e-prescription gateway designed based on a formula agreed between the doctors and the payer.

Sehteq offers advanced prescription processing that takes into consideration the patient’s age, gender, diagnosis, and medical history to improve patient outcomes and safety.

Sehteq works with health plans to develop and maintain a formulary, which is a list of approved medications covered by the insurance plan. We help determine which drugs are included and set tiered cost-sharing structures for different medications.

Patients can be required to try a lower-cost prescription drug that treats a given condition before “stepping up” to a similar-acting, but more expensive drug.

Sehteq manages clinical programs such as medication therapy management (MTM) and chronic disease management programs to improve patient outcomes and safety.

Sehteq portal allows to implementation strategies to ensure appropriate and cost-effective medication use. This includes prior authorization, step therapy, and quantity limits.

Sehteq processes prescription claims submitted by pharmacies and calculates the patient’s cost share (such as copayments or coinsurance) based on the insurance plan’s terms.

Sehteq portal allows direct billing at a wide network of pharmacies.

Sehteq mobile app offers patient support services, including tracking drug delivery at your doorstep, refill management, reminders and assistance with any questions.


Sehteq PBM benefits to all stakeholders

PBM enhances the journey and improves the management of prescribed/dispensed medication to all stakeholders.




Our Story

Sehteq has a technology IP built for the UAE market, including a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) tested at scale and proven successful in terms of transactions, users, and beneficiaries. This solution is upgraded by the team at CloudKair to a newer, more advanced, and scalable tech stack. Our technology addresses a multi-billion-dollar problem.

The Tech in Sehteq

Tech vertical within Sehteq launched.

CloudKair acquisition

US-based cloud computing and SaaS startup CloudKair acquired Sehteq.

Sehteq Launch

Sehteq started as an insurtech in partnership with the government of Ras Al Khaimah.

Success story

Sehteq became MENA's 4th largest Health insurance provider with 700K customers.


Strategic decision to enter KSA market with unique PBM offering.

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